With over 300 members in our club, when you join, you'll instantly find yourself part of a lively, fun loving group.  Below you'll find the criteria for joining our club as well as just a few of the benefits!

  • Potential Stein members need to drink 20 liters within 90 days to become a members. 

  • You begin accruing points beginning with your first purchase.  However you do not receive Stein Club member benefits (discounted beers, stein meals, etc) until you are a fully registered member.

  • Once the 20 liters have been consumed, qualifying members will pay $50 which includes their own numbered stein and annual maintenance fee.

  • Every 10th liter is free. New mugs (302 – 600) will be securely stored in Old Town Beer Hall. 

  • During set Stein Club nights members receive complimentary lunch sized meal and 1/2 off all liters. Stein Club nights are currently Tuesday and Wednesday at both Old Town and Bier Stube.

  • Stein Club members will receive early notification and registration options for events, activities and dinners (events are regularly listed on the website). Members will be able to purchase tickets to appropriate upcoming events at a discounted price. On Dec. 3rd, we host an exclusive Holiday Event for members

  • New member must purchase beers by either cash or credit card. 

  • For more information on joining the Stein Club, ask your server, bartender or email BRIAN.OLDTOWN@GMAIL.COM