Bavarian Snacks
Bier Rettich
Spiral-Cut White Beer Raddish
Bavarian-Style Smoked Jerky
Fresh Gian Baked Bavarian Pretzel served with Sweet Mustard
Add a Bayerische Obatzer
Creamy cheese spread with onions, perfect for pretzel enjoyment
A selection of meats and chesses served with sweet mustard, guerkin, schmalt and rye
Stone-fired flat bread topped with cream cheese, cracklings, and shaves of red onion
Apple Strudel
with whipped cream


Lager Bier with Lemon Lime Soda
Dark Radler
HB Dunkel with Lemon Lime Soda
Weissbier with Lemon Lime Soda
Cola Bier
Lager Bier with Cola


Riesling  white wine, Germany
Dornfelder  red wine, Germany
Weissweinschorle white wine & seltzer
Rotwein Cola  red wine & cola

Bier Vom Fass

Draft Bier

Bier Paddle Sampler
Choose any five of our draft beers to sample.  Spankings on request only!
 EKU Pilsner
A well-carbonated brew.  Look for notes of spicy and floral hops with a traditional pilsner maltiness.
 Weihenstephan Seasonal Biers
Travel with us through the seasons with the world's oldest brewery.  We will celebrate only the freshest biers, many exclusively!
 Weihenstephan Original
A Flowery Golden Lager, sweet tasting and exceptionally well balanced with a big malty aroma.  An easy drinking German style lager from the oldest brewery in the World!
 Weihenstephan Hefe Weizen
A cloudy wheat beer with a smooth malt background, wonderfully rich yeast flavors, spicy, with fruity banana overtones.
Hofbräu Original Lager
Full-bodied with fine hops aroma, it is a superbly well-balanced lager.  Enjoyed by millions of fans at the Hofbrauhas in Munich.
Hofbräu Dunkel
A refreshingly rich, full-flavored dark beer.  Considered the godfather of authentic, Bavarian beers.
Hofbräu Hefe Weizen
This was the first wheat bier ever brewed.  It is the standard of which all others are judged.  Unfiltered, and fruity yeast aromas.
Hofbräu Dunkel Weizen
This dark variant on Hofbrau Weissbier is refreshment in a deliciously mild form - yeasty and malty.
 Hofbräu Seasonal Biers
Travel with us through the seasons with Hofbrau brewery.  We will celebrate only the freshest biers, many exclusively!
 Paulaner Salvator
The original recipe of the Paulaner Monks.  This Doppelbock has a malty taste and gleaming Copper Color.  7.9% alcohol by volume


Spirits & Liquor
Goldwasser Liquer
Asbach Uralt
Fernet Branca
Stroh Jagertee
Helbing Kuemmel
and much more!
Von Rothenburg Bier Stube
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